This page was created to provide you tips to join us in Paradise, Please do not share this with anyone else, we love our little slice of heaven and we are inviting you to heaven. Part of the way you will feel when you visit Puerto Viejo, is that you never what it to change, so keep it a secret as best you can.


Flights will be in to San Jose (SJO). You then have two options that I recommend: 1. Take a 40 minute flight (saves you 4 hours of driving that could turn into 7 hours if there are issues on road, ask Sarah) Then have Caribe Shuttle service take you to Puerto Viejo.

I,Dan, have always had great luck with Caribe shuttle for their 5 hour shuttle drive straight to PV for $55 which has wifi when they have reception. 

Highly recommend that you download these two apps, WhatsApp is an app you can use to make calls with wifi, and almost everyone in Costa Rica uses this app. So if you need to contact a hotel this will help ect.   

AibBnb is an app to find some great deals not at a hotel. Sarah and I rarely spend over $50 a night. 

Once you are in PV you can walk or rent a bike($8 a day)

Estimated costs for this trip

  1. Flights Round Trip should be under $450 per person

  2. Place to stay on average $15-$40 a day 7*$40=$280

  3.  Bike Fee 6days*$8 per person = $48 (optional)

  4. Caribe Shuttle $55 per person, or Sansa flight $90+$22 Caribe Shuttle 

  5. Beer is $2, and meals are usually under $10 many under $5 

  6. Chocolate tour $10 per person

  7. Jaguar Sanctuary is $15 per person

  8. Yoga classes $10 per person

Estimated upfront fixed costs Flight+Place to Stay+Shuttles= Per Person = $645 (splitting a room)  stay longer only adding on your hotel stay and have more fun.   If staying for along time, you might want to spend a Thursday-Sunday in Bocas Del Toro ($66 round trip transportation, and cheaper housing their on islands that are epic)

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.