Our goal for our Contractors to make 10% on their deals and 50% above costs on upgrades

Your contractor's agreement will state that you will get half of 10% = 5% of the total of any insurance estimate that of each fully turned in project, once it is turned in.  This will appear on your financial portal, a portal that you will get to check out every day online.   So 5% is earned now, and the remaining amount will be owed to you when the client pays the final bill (usually a month or so after we complete the project when insurance has settled up).  So even though you may take December and January off for the holidays and vacations etc, you will keep getting paychecks from clients from a few months prior that have now received funds from insurance company.  

Our pay systems are to be so transparent so that we do not have to take time explaining pay or having to look into things for you.  I have been here for 6 years, and the owners have paid what is fair 100% of the time and they will always pay what is owed to our reps. We have a massive sales force, that we wish to double, and we want pay to be as seamless as possible. 

Come payday you can request advance pay ($200x10signup=$2,000) or what your financial portal says that we owe you.  If we have already paid you $2,000 in advance and we owe you $5,000 for your first 5%, then you will see that you are owed the balance of $3,000, so now you could request to be paid the  $3,000. 

Our training expectations is for you to sign up a minimum of 5 new clients per week and to meet 5 insurance inspectors in the near future, 3 of those inspections get approved and you turn in 3x$12,000average orders= $36,000 worth of estimates.  So every week you add 5 new clients to your pool of people you are helping, you will on average turn in 3 deals and get paid $1,800 now and another $1,800 at 10% a few months later.  So making $3,600 for only helping 5 people in an area were 1,000s or 10,000s of clients all need help from someone like you. 

Disclaimer: Your first 10 jobs you will only get to earn 8% and 50% on upgrades above cost.  The other 2% is used for our budget to improve our systems, pay for training rooms and much more. Thank you for putting your skin in the game and helping us build the largest roofing company in the United States!

Also part of the hiring agreement it will state "outside the state of Minnesota." There is opportunity to make less than 10% if you are not charging for upgrades correctly.  At that point if that causes profits on the job to drop below 20%, you will get 5% up front, but then you will notice when client pays final bill, that you will get half of the profit on the job.  Example: So if profit goes to 14% you get half.  5% now and 2% will be added on.  However if you would have charged for upgrades you can increase your pay to 10% or above that. 


If there are any situations where you run the risk of making less than 10% you will be notified before you even travel to that storm damaged area to work it.  I can explain this during our phone call if you receive a job offer, and I can explain to you how you can make over 10% on every job you turn in too.

Below is a glimpse of how you will be able to track your clients

Job Number    Clients name         Initial amount         Amount Collected    Status          Commissions

(Doesn't matter)                                                     (How much original insurance          (Amount they have paid Aspen)   (Contract, Approved          5%=Turn in

                                                                                             said it would cost)                                                                                    Denied, Backout         1/2 Profit / Max 10%

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Turned in, Capped)


Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.