Welcome again to training, as we start this training please be ready to take lots of notes.  Notes for many people helps them remember the information that they are learning.  

Aspen Exteriors has by far without question the best training program offered in this industry, in return our sales reps make much more than the average sales rep in our industry.  Aspen Exteriors is able to build roofs faster on average than any other roofing company, and uses its CREWS that they have been working with for nearly a decade or in many cases longer than a decade.   Our Product and our departments (Welcoming, Measuring, Estimating, Mortgage, Supplementing, Ordering, Scheduling, Project Managing, Warranty, and Final Billing) work in harmony and hand in hand.  We do an amazing job!!!

I would like to have a sense of HUMBLENESS to being allowed to partner with such an amazing FAMILY TEAM that we are welcoming you to join as an ORDER TAKER, and ADVENTURER.  You are taking a job that is unlike any other job in the United States.  You get to Partner with the only company in the US that can build roofs anywhere in the 23 States that we are fully licensed to work in.  We allow you to go to areas where homeowners need to spend $12,000 on average to get a roof replaced and paid for by their insurance company.  Unlike our roofing competitors out there your job is simply to take care of clients. We do not need you to measure jobs, order supplies, deal with city codes, final billing, NONE OF THAT!!! Simply help clients go through the internet process, and then scan their insurance paperwork and order form to be sent to Aspen Exteriors.  

There is a reason we have over 60 Career Sales Professional that work for us in the field right now. There are over 6 locations we are working from last years storms and we are working NASHVILLE neighborhoods that were beat up from this years storms.  You again are following in the foot steps of every person involved in sales that works for Aspen Sales Team. 

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.