Lets start with the BASICS

What is our job and how do we get paid?

Your job involves 4 things that will happen to a client.

1. You will run 3 plus appointments a day where you will usually be meeting with client that lives in the area where there is obvious storm damage to the homes.  You will provide a free property inspection for this client.  You will then sit down with the client and go over what you learn in training. Client at the end of the appointment will need to file a claim on their house.

2. Client's insurance inspector will call within 48 hours with an inspection time.  The client will then contact you and let you know when YOU/ASPEN needs to be present to meet that insurance inspector.   You will meet with insurance inspector and answer any questions they might have.  We are able to go over certain things you will learn that will encourage everything gets paid for.  If an insurance inspector shows up with no one there, the insurance inspector is left in a situation to do whatever they want to do that day.  and THEY ALWAYS MISS THINGS!

3. The insurance inspector is usually the one that writes up the estimate (WE ALMOST NEVER DO, and if we do, they approved it, and our office can get them an estimate for you). The insurance inspector will get the client an estimate that day or let them know when they can expect it.  

4. Once the client has the estimate you can do the last part of your job and SCAN the insurance estimate, and fill our an order form with the client.  You SCAN and send this to our office.  Our Office will review this and if you sent everything, your work with that client is done unless they call you with a question.  

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.