Hiring Manager Processes

ZipRecruiter is an easy way to find new Hires, 

Sideways Thumbs up: When reaching out to an applicant, you must make the "Thumbs up go sideways" if you contact an applicant.  That notifying other Hiring Managers that some one has sent them the below information. 

Hello  ,

My name is NAME, and I am the Hiring Manager with AspenExteriors.com. I was impressed by your application and I wanted to reach out to you and get you more information about this position with our Family Owned company.  We currently work with over 60 Sales Reps in the field. However, due to the most storm damage happening this early in the year we have more than enough work for you if this is a good fit. 

Due to the amount of Storm Damage that has hit in the last 7 weeks we have enough business for our current reps for the rest of the year, however we feel that we are barely scratching the surface for the amount of work that our clients need help with. 

Covid-19 has hit us as well as everyone else, however Sales are up for the year.  We are believe due to the recent storms and our Super Trained sales force, we think this will be our Best Year in the history of our Company.  

I would like to share more with you about what the duties of the position are so that you know what you are interviewing for.   I would like to first chat with you:  I have an opening in my schedule to call you at or .  Would either of those times work best for you?

NAME | Hiring Manager


Thumbs up or Thumbs Down: Once you set a time for them to call you or they cancel moving forward, you need to thumbs it up or down.

You are welcome to contract Thumbs SIDEWAYS as well.  I want the best candidates HOUNDED by us. 


Hi How are you?  

Let me tell you about us shortly, and then you can tell us about you and if things sound like a good fit I will invite you to go through an ONLINE WALK THRU that Aspen has created to make sure you best understand the position.  

Aspen Exteriors is ........ you sell them on us :-). You need to give them highlights about our company.  

Quickly switch over to ASKING QUESTIONS, whoever is asking the questions has control of the conversation.   They can get their answers during the walk thru 

Is it Salary, hell no :-). We have a base pay with advances.  Most would tell you that they took this job to make more than what Salaries pay.  Those are the ppl we are looking for.  

"So what has you changing things up and looking for a new career?"  Love this question

"What has you interested in our company?" 

"We currently have storm damage everywhere, but you will need to train in a location with a Field Trainer.  This is usually in the easiest place to sell in the country.  Are you able to Travel 60 to 120 days a year to make the money you want to make?" We have a reimbursement program for those on the road. 


"At this point I see no reason not to have you go through our ONLINE WALK THRU of the position."   Schedule them for a time to talk the next day or near future.  Then EMAIL and TEXT them 

I have appreciated getting to know you so far. The next step to move forward is for you to educate yourself on exactly what you would do if offered a position with our Company. Please take your time going through our ONLINE WALK THRU www.CherryExteriorJobs.com/AE-Intro . This was created by our development coordinator, Dan Cherry.  

Before training Dan will spend time getting your ready for training if you are accepted to join our company.  

Our next time to talk is    . Please let me know immediately if this needs to change.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

NAME | Hiring Manager


Above is an image of what their job is.  Review this with them so they understand we DO THE REST.

  1. Provide FREE Property inspection 

  2. Sign up client for FREE Claims assistance services (meeting insurance inspector)

  3. Meet with Claims Inspector from Insurance company

  4. Client Receives Estimates from insurance company

  5. Scan insurance paperwork and fill out order form describing what kind of shingles we would be putting on their new roof

  6. Make sure job is sent to HQ

Ask them if this is a position they wish to pursue with Aspen Exteriors.  If so, you put them on Dan Cherry's Schedule https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L6jhNstezsXVjwJr-paAt55B3AW7BMKTPXyFrNHXOgk

Dan will walk them thru again what they will be trained to do, and answer any questions that you are unsure about.  

BEFORE talking with Dan, they need to send you a drivers license. And you need to send them a hiring agreement


James@aspenexteriors.com is username we all us

Zippy2020! is the password

Click on Templates,  then click on All Templates on the left

Then click on the right, Blue bottom that says "Use"

Put their information in here, and then hit Send. 

To find them the will be in Completed side bar once completed.  

Google Drive, and submitting their paperwork

You will need to put all files in the google drive folder that matches their Training Class.


Click on the link above to get access to recruiting folders, click on "New Sales Reps, docs for Alex."

Click on the training date that you believe they will be a part of. 

You will need to get the Docu Sign agreement and photo ID in there before training.

After a month or so I will show you how to also get us a W9 and IRS forms for them. 

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.