Last Day of Training, April 2nd


For those of you Telemarketing, you need to contact your Hiring Manager - They will be your Telemarketing Managers until you are fully out in the field.  

Our Hiring Managers - Are going above and beyond what they signed up for, and they do it for you guys.  To get you through a time and Aspen through a time or CHANGE!!! I personally am blown away by our Headquarters team that is implementing improvements in your sales process at a rate faster than I would have ever believed possible.  


Our Sale Managers that are in the field are finding every way possible to bring in revenue for Aspen Exteriors and For their Sales Reps that have been waiting since October 1st for a Storm that they wanted to work FRESH.   


I have never seen so many damaged homes this early in the year,  The only place I have seen this much hail has been in Texas early in the year, however Texas we have competition. 


We are Currently Set up for the first half of the year with Storms 


Nashville - This will stay busy for over 2 years


Jefferson City MO - Super Large Hail - covered the whole City limits


Cleveland - Full of wind and hail damaged roofs, just got hit again and we have no large company working there


Pittsburgh/Stubenville OH-  Is not far from Cleveland and has fresh new damage and a great set of sales reps working in that area. 

Get in touch with your Hiring Manager for direction if you ever feel lost, we are doing are best to keep each of you fully aware of everything you need to know before you need to know it. 

Day 3

Cup of Joe (This is my first attempt starting a Podcast for our sales reps)  Once things are under control I will continue this with at least something new each week, to help you gain a larger perspective on your opportunity here with Aspen Exteriors

Access to PDFs we use.  These are almost always available to you by us mailing it to you, or you getting more supplies from certain reps that are working in EACH STORM DAMAGED area, someone has extra supplies per area we are working in

You will be getting this Pitch Book - however this is the electronic version that we are using an APP called ZOOM to show clients over the phone

When a roof gets approved - we DO NOT measure the roofs, we just take photos for our Headquarters -  You will have a trained rep or manager help you the first few times in the field

This is a pre training so you know what your manager will train you on in the field

You do not need to take notes on this, but you need to do your best to understand what you need to do to turn in a job

Dan Cherry’s Pitch that we recorded before I jumped on an Airplane last summer

Aspen Contracts

How to read insurance paperwork

Project Time Line :-)

Review of what the order of operations are - This video was shot for reps that were in the field for a few weeks.

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.