Welcome to an ONLINE TRAINING courses provided to you by Dan Cherry.  


It is our mission to give you the best training we can provide to you at a time of WORLD CRISIS.  To give you the education to learn a new career in STORM RESTORATION SALES!!!  

Trevor Anker | National Sales Director will be holding 2 Day ZOOM training starting at 10AM Tuesday the 21st, and 10AM Wednesday.  These meetings could go until 3 but, most likely go until 1:30 is my guess :-)

This will be our first ZOOM training as a Company.  However you will be given access to our other online training tools.   We have 3 Chapters of on-boarding training that you NEED to go through as well.  You are starting a truely awesome Career, a turnkey opportunity to make similar money that you would expect Doctors and Lawyers to make.  However Doctors and Lawyers are paid so much because they are the WISEST at what they do.  They practice LAW they PRACTICE medicine, or life saving surgeries.    YOUR purpose to be the BEST CLAIMS Consultant to these storm damaged clients.  You will be the VERY BEST roofer that these people could have hoped to meet at a time of crisis, and at a time when they do not want to pay themselves for a new roof.

Below is Chapter 1

some of the links may have you request access, or you may have trouble.  I have not converted DAY 1 to youtube yet, so be patient.  Chapter 2 and 3 are all on youtube, so no problems tomorrow. 

Welcome : Go through these links, TAKE NOTES, rewatch videos, STUDY FOR YOUR FUTURE!!!



Online Training:


Tour of HQ:


Office Conversation on how the insurance company will pay for Restoration



Storm Hits:



Working in New Markets


How the insurance company pays for things:



Aspen PDFs: We have all of this in hard copy for you




Additional Links that are 1 year old:


Appt Setting (We preach a bit about not doing sameday appts, however we do sameday appts all the time, especially if a storm hit within a month ago).



What the stages are that clients go through during the storm



Pay Explained in Detail


Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.