I encourage you on your path to finding the right career for you.  


My name is Dan Cherry, and I have been working FOR Aspen Exteriors for 6 years now, and I was an insurance agent for 4 years prior to working with Aspen Exteriors.  


If you are wanting to dive into the RESTORATION SALES INDUSTRY, Aspen Exteriors is second to none in:

  • Training for every aspect of the job

  • Leads

  • In-field Trainers

  • Back office support

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Marketing Material

  • Family Culture

  • Ability to travel to ANY major profitable storm in the US

  • Technology to track jobs and pay

  • Ability to make over $1,000 on average per client

  • Largest Army of Roofing Crews organized in the US

  • Being Humble

  • Being Fair

  • Being Helpful

  • Only Helping never hurting

  • Advancement  opportunities are second to none as well


Due to COVID-19 we have needed to HALT any start dates for new sales reps. However you are still able to apply and can still be scheduled for a future start date.  We are willing to offer online training through the month of April to educate you from home so that you are very well educated in our industry and will be able to start your career with us with MORE SUCCESS than ever before.  


The United States has not been hit by so many House Damaging Storms this early in the year.  Currently this year:

  • Nashville Tennessee was turned into a WAR ZONE, and we have multiple communities that we have already been helping, and will go back to helping once the Cities allow us to

  • Red Oak/Stanton/Villisca Iowa was hit by the hardest hail storm of their existence

  • Jefferson City MO, has over 150,000 homeowners hit by PINGPONG to GRAPEFRUIT sized hail, and last year they were hit by multiple tornadoes 

  • West Side of Cleveland was struck by baseball size hail, Cleveland has been hit by a tremendous amount of storms over the years, and we are newer to this location and we feel that Cleveland and Pittsburgh together have the most untouched roof damage in the country

  • West Pittsburgh/Steubenville OH were hit by tennis ball size hail and last year our most expensive roofs were damaged in the Pittsburgh area, as well as Scranton PA


If you think this is a GREAT year to start with us, you would be RIGHT.  You have the month of April to train and educate ONLINE, before diving into all of the above listed storms as well as any other storms we deem great to work that happen during the month of APRIL.  


If you wish to be contacted by our Hiring Manager at this time send an email to Dan.Cherry@AspenExteriors.com  You will be sent a walk thru of the position and this will help you decide to move forward with us.   Thank you again, stay safe and healthy out there!


Always Faithful,

Semper Fi,


Dan Cherry | Development Coordinator | Aspen Exteriors

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.