Welcome to our Family Owned Company, Aspen Exteriors


We are honored for your assistance in the field, and we have a very good paying position for you to be taken care of as you continue to help us reach clients in STORM DAMAGED Cities around the United States. 


The pay is $50 for each client that signs up for our services.  We HAVE DOUBLED your pay for now as we are in a transition of Creating better programs for you to use to make your life easier in the future.  


You need to make sure your Hiring Manager has your Photo ID and local address.  If your bank account is not set up by next FRIDAY we can mail you upto $500. Any earning above $500 will need to be sent to you VIA Direct Deposit into a business bank account (Your Hiring Manager can help you with that). 

Please go through these Training Videos, and then you should be able to start making calls and money very soon:


Intro with Dan Cherry


Go thru the links below :  These were originally made for our sales reps, and it has information that will be very helpful to you.  

There is a lot of information




Setting up a work space

www.Spooftel.com you will need to create a Login and this will cost you $7 Once you get us your first lead we will fund Spooftel account until we give you a new service to use in the future.

https://youtu.be/m-v8e13dJq0 how to use spooftel

The Script


Videos of me setting up appts


Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.