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What can I say, Storms damage home's roofs pretty consistently in the 27 that we can work in. We are able to provide constant work to our contractors that seeking big money and to learn a career that will allow them to make six figures and beyond.  Once contractors have enough field time they are able to work closer to home, and best understand how to go to an area where 1000's or 10,000's or 100'000 of thousands of clients have to hire someone to replace their roof. 

Aspen Exteriors provides the highest amounts of training so that you can provide a free service and the best consulting to clients that HAVE to go through the claims process to have their property repairs paid for by an insurance company.  Since Aspen Exteriors does NOT need you to measure our roofs, understand estimates, or become an insurance agent.  We teach you a step by step process of simply being a guide to your/our clients that will lead them to turning in a roof order to Aspen Exteriors.  

Our Sales force makes 8% their first ten jobs with us and then make 10% in most markets we work.  Average order is $12,000 so at 10% we our average pay per job is $1,200, keep in mind this is offering the best support to the clients as they go through a process they have to go through without a free expert or on their own. 

10 orders a month turned in is = to $12,000 and 20 orders turned in a month is = to $24,000. Do we have contractors that have been here a few years or over ten years that turn in more that 30 or 40 orders a month, YES!!! And you can be trained to turn in many jobs as well.  10 a month is very doable to anyone we hire. 

Extra pay is earned to those working on the road that covers travel expenses. 

To apply please: fill in contact info and Confirm that you would be willing to travel to Des Moines or Kansas City to work your first few months.  Kansas City had golf ball size and larger hail hit 70,000 homes Kansas City on September 27th, Des Moines had golf ball size that got as large as baseballs hit the center of Des Moines.  This is where our field trainers will be stationed until we add a new city to this list.  You can still apply if you can not work there and inquire about your options as well.  This is just where I know our trainers want to work.

Please also include some experience or qualifications that should interest us in further considering your for a spot into a training to join our Family Owned Company. 

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