Traveling sales position, to learn to help clients how to go through the claims process in a storm damaged area.

Aspen Exteriors is able to build a roof in 22 states Nationwide. We are training new sales reps to make 10% of our average order which is $12,000 (House and Garage Roof costs). 10 roofing orders turned in makes our trained reps $12,000; 30 orders turned in during a month is $36,000 in commissions. our Map

Industry leader: Aspen Exteriors already has more competitive advantages than any other roofing company in the US. 18 years in business, owners that have been doing this since the early 90s. We are the only company we know of that has so many traveling roofing crews. Allows us to never sell more than our roofers can build, and THIS allows us to be in so many states. Lastly, our crews offer a lifetime warranty, and our competition gives them a 3 year warranty on the work. We are such a large company we have a bigger budget for leads, training, marketing, and incentive trips.

High Pay: So the payouts are quite high. Aspen Exteriors entry level training will be to train you in the easiest markets to make money, areas with STORM DAMAGE. Why is this the easiest place to learn to sell:?

  1. Clients insurance company pays for the work to get done

  2. Mortgage companies and insurance companies require homeowners to get roof replaced, so they have to hire someone

  3. 95% of our clients have never done this before so they listen to us because we train you to become experts at going through their insurance and buying decisions

  4. Insurance companies set the price and clients are not benefited to hire cheap roofing companies. Insurance Companies incentivise clients to hire roofing companies like Aspen Exteriors.

  5. When a storm happens instantly every neighbor that lives in that area has to hire someone. You can walk house to house because they all have to hire someone. $1,200 commissions per house is what you can make

Travel: Your first year you are a rookie, that first year and after your first year you will be partnered a sales trainer and his team. Your sales trainer has high level sales and has gone through management training to work with you in the best training program for restoration sales in the United States. These trainers will help you manage your clients, direct you where to be and what to be doing.

Goal: Teach you to turn in order forms (no measuring or estimating) to Aspen Exteriors and help as many people as possible to hit your yearly goal. We can teach you to work locally after your first year of hitting your financial goals. We are located in 22 states so we can send you to then best markets each year to hit any large goals that are not possible to hit in your local area. Example: Pittsburgh PA was hit by baseball size hail that destroyed cars and houses. This year it hit big houses that were mansions where the insurance companies were paying over $30,000 ($3,000 Commission orders) . Pittsburgh market does not have many independent roofing companies, so this was a market where clients have to hire people and there are not many roofing companies to help out. So, traveling to Pittsburgh would have been discussed with you to go there if that made sense to go there and hit your goals. You would work an area like that on and off for 2 months to 24 months depending if it made a lot of sense to not work closer to home because you are making money.

We are not allowed to pay hourly: Due to the duties of this position we are not able to pay hourly or hire anyone as an employee. There are no benefits we can offer as well. Obviously you would rather be paid $10,000 a month for turning in 9 orders, other than getting paid hourly at most $4,000 a month for similar work with some small bonuses like other companies. Aspen Exteriors legally needs to bring you on as an independent due to this being a traveling job.

Apply Text Dan (612-548-4912) text me right now , your Name and why you are texting

Next step: Answer our questions attached to this and be sure you submit an application on here or at

Interview Process:

  1. Speak with one of our hiring managers

  2. Review the duties of the position

  3. Review our program with our hiring manager

  4. Speak with one of our heads of training to discuss in further detail what you would need to do to hit your goals

  5. Review Hiring agreement

  6. Submit Hiring agreement

  7. Attend classroom training

  8. Go immediately into the field with a sales team in the best area of the country for us to train you in

  9. Learn to turn in orders with clients with field trainer

  10. Continue your training with Sales Trainer

  11. National Conference training call every Monday

  12. Open door/phone policy with number 4. to continue to discuss your advancement with our opportunity

  13. January 2021 Join us in Costa Rica at our sales rep incentive trip

Advancement opportunity: Once duties are mastered we will allow you to advance with us. We are going to be the largest roofing company in the United States and we help people get new roofs paid for by their insurance company. Over half of our clients would have never gotten $12,000 for a new roof with our expertise. $10 Million Dollars plus in sales were paid for by and insurance company in 2019 because we were able to discuss the damage we are finding on these properties. The other half of our clients, could have hired any roofing companies, because the insurance companies would have paid for that roof 100% of the time if the client filed a claim. These clients will buy from us if they meet us :-) Lets make this the last year you have to be looking for a job!!!

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