Aspen Exteriors is a Family Owned company where over 300 people a year depend on Aspen Exteriors to be their main source of income.  

My name is Dan Cherry, and I requested to be in charge of finding new talent to help grow our company and offer an amazing opportunity for individuals to grow financially, personally, and professionally with Aspen Exteriors.  I am in charge of our in-field service reps that will be working in areas and helping clients that are affected by some sort of STORM, that have damage to their property.   

Our Sales Team makes on average $1,200 per client.  Helping 70 Clients would make someone on average $84,000 not including travel pay.  140 Clients is $168,000 for the year.   We have over 50 contractors that work in the field for us making this type of money and certain ones make even more money per year.   

This internship is to offer future sale reps an opportunity to learn from our best sales reps that are in the field, and to help them grow as a professional.   

Main Duties:

  • We partner with Feed My Starving Children ( ) where we are the second highest sponsor for them.  Right now, we are feeding over 2,000 Children Per Day around the world that would not have the opportunity to grow up without our help.

  • Your duty would to travel to areas our storm damaged areas where are working in and let homeowners know that you are knocking on doors of damaged homes telling them about the incredible work Aspen Exteriors does, and that your goal is to find as many people as possible that will use Aspen Exteriors.  For every roofing project we do it feeds a child for 365 days.  

  • Over time we will train you on how to identify storm damage and meet with insurance inspectors to make sure all of the clients damage is noted by insurance inspectors. You can be paid an additional $50 per inspection you help with. 

  • You will receive a lot of life and sales training with us as you grow with us. 

  • Every Intern will have a partner or two in the field, and your gas and expenses to stay over night will be covered by Aspen Exteriors.  

For every 30 clients you have us sign up you will be paid out $1,000 in cash, no taxes.  We will encourage you to learn as much as possible and you may be offered opportunities to travel to places around the world with our leadership team to learn to become the best version of yourself.   

This position is an intership and your expenses will be paid for.  You will not get rich doing this intership, but you will grow as a person and this gets you foot in the door to someday make doctor money!

If you are not already in contact with Dan Cherry, please email me at that you want more information on the position. 

Aspen Exteriors is a family owned compan

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.