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Aspen Exteriors has a high paying internship opportunity.  We will be very selective in those that we add to our family owned business.  

AE has only every specialized in Restoration work, and our owners have been in this industry since the early 90s.  This position is to learn how to turn in orders forms from clients for us to replace their roof. These roofs are paid for by insurance companies due to hail, wind, tornado, or hurricanes.  We have the best roofers in the nation, over 250 Highly Skilled Roofers replace roofs that are built by our Roofers and our Headquarters. 

The advancement opportunity is to become a fully trained In-field sales reps.  Our clients are going to be in a storm damaged area.  Our field reps help clients go through the insurance claims process, and our clients use us not only because we build the best roofs, but also because we aided them through a difficult process.  

A fully trained sales rep makes 10% and our Average order is $12,000 so average money earned is $1,200 per client. 

Learn to help us with 10 clients a month and you can earn $12,000 a month.  Help 20 clients a month make $24,000. So we are a roofing company that builds roofs in more states that any other company in the nation.  We have the highest level of training to help you turn in more orders than any other restoration company in the United States.

Our Internship has you making around $270 (which includes per diem) a day on average, as we teach you how to help clients through this process with us.   Details will be described during an interview.  You will need to be able to work in areas that our sales reps are currently in.  So their is travel required to learn and make money, however flexibility on the days working with us are mostly going to be set by you with coaching from a trainer. 

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