Getting Started: How to get trained and start

We require anyone that wants to turn in orders to Aspen Exteriors to go through 2.5 days of sales training with our CEO/Owner Joe, or our Sales Director Trevor 13 years with Aspen and 9 years running training that leads to a 90% closing ratio if you get down the educational information you need to discuss with our clients.  There are only 2 types of clients, so we only need to show you two types of approaches.  

We have been through every industry's advanced sales training programs (like a Tony Robbins "Be a Great Restoration Company," that are offered, and we consistently are not finding that anyone has any better information than what we provide to our new reps. 

By the end of training we will provide you with every bit of flyers, agreements, leave behinds, magazines, Polos, Hats (when we have inventory), business cards, and anything else we know you need. 

We DO NOT provide:



Tape Measure (for a few pictures we need)

Smart phone 

The next day after training we need you to meet a Team Leader / Sales Manager in the field. The Sales manager will first be focused on showing you how to set up 3 appointments a day yourself, and start working with you on your "Pitch" that you need to get down to start helping clients decide to have you meet their insurance inspector.  

Each Sales Manager has gone through the exact Sale Manager Training, and will be providing exactly what we know they need to do to make you successful as possible right away so you can get to 100 deals as fast as possible.  You will also get to know our awesome sales force of like minded individuals that are looking to help our company grow.

Costs to come to training will be reimbursed after you turn in you first deal. 

Costs to come to from the 2.5 days of training will be reimbursed and accounted for on your financial portal.  Gas receipts are always reimbursed, up to $300 for hotel costs, and any plane tickets need to be approved by your Hiring Manager with a maximum of $450 to be reimbursed.

Lunch will be provided by Aspen during training.

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.