What you need to do to make a lot of money and help a lot of people?

Your job is to help a client get to the point that you are turning in a project.  What is a turned in project?

  • Scanned insurance paperwork showing which roofs were paid for by the insurance company and how much they are paying

  • One page order form filled out describing what we need to know to build this project

  • Scanned agreement stating we are building a roof at a price agreed upon by their insurance company

  • Photos of the house, and anything weird that will help us prepare to build that project

That is all we need from you.

How do you turn in the most projects possible?  

We are only allowing contractors to sell our roofs that go through 2.5 days of training at our headquarters. At this training you will get on the same page as all of our Contractors.  We will teach you how to join a sales team that will nurture your growth, and gain the experience you need to be as independent as possible. To have complete control of your success! 

During the 2.5 days of training 

You will be taught by our Owner and CEO or our Sales Director with 13 years experience. You will be taught how to provide property inspections and then walk your clients through the decision making process of how they want this claim to play out. 

Our goal like any sales job is to sign up a client for our services the first time we meet them.

Our Sale is a sale by Education (very similar to this tour) we can teach you to educate your clients and 9 out of 10 times they will sign up to start working with you before they even file a claim.   

What do they sign up for?

The clients at the end of our educational conversation understand that they do not get to pocket money on the roofing project and that they should hire the best.  They also will understand that their insurance company will be sending out these random insurance inspectors that will decide how much to pay for to make clients happy enough not to switch insurance companies.  They will understand that they would be a complete brainless idiot not to have a trained advocate to be present on the day of their inspection to make sure all of the damage is discussed so that the client gets any funds coming to them so that they can have enough funds to fix up their home after the storm.  

At the end of the appointment clients will sign a contingency agreement, that says:

  • If Aspen Exteriors meets my insurance inspector to "represent their best interest for the restoration or repair to the damage to the customers property,"  "If the roof is approved Aspen Exteriors will be your contractor for the roof, and will charge what the insurance company approves for this project."

  • So they sign this agreement, and then contact you to let you know when Aspen needs to be at their home to meet the insurance inspector.  Most likely you will meet their insurance adjuster, however if you went home for a few days, you will coordinate a fellow teammate to meet the adjuster on your behalf (you will also be open to help teammates that are at home to cover their insurance inspections).

  • The insurance inspector that shows up will be the one providing the insurance paperwork, so that is the person that will give us the key thing we need to turn in a project, which is the insurance estimates that they are required to provide the client. This could be given to the rep that day, a few days from then, or 10 business days if everything needs to come from the HQ of insurance company.  

  • Last step is helping clients decide which shingles they want, and discuss upgrades and fill out a 1 page order form.  Scan those documents, and takes some photos of the house for us to be uploaded with a smartphone. 

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.