Aspen Exteriors Agreement for pay with Contractors

This will be Dan Cherry's explanation of pay. You will be sent our contractor agreement to review and sign prior to starting, your hiring manager or myself can cover any lawyer lingo included in our contractor agreement. 

This industry requires people to get ADVANCED Commissions

Our contractors will go to areas and start signing up client after client, but not turning in orders for a week or 3. So we want to pay you now so you can work hard now and not have to worry about paying your bills, costs of splitting rooms, costs of splitting house rental prices ect. 

  • You can get advanced pay of $200 per client that signs up for you to meet their insurance inspector.  So we will teach you how to run 3 plus appointments a day in neighborhoods that were beat up by some kind of storm.  Example 1: That day if you sign up 2 clients of 3 inspections you ran, then you know you can request $200x2signups=$400 come payday for the work you put in that day. 

  • Example 2: sign up 10 new clients before payday (TWICE a month is payday), then you know you can get paid a minimum of $200x10signups=$2,000

  • Follow up on Example 2:Over the next 3 weeks those 10 clients will be referring you to their neighbors, and you will be sure someone meets 10 insurance inspectors. Our averages show that new sales reps will get 6-7 roofs approved.  6 orders turned in x our average commission of $1,200 is $7,200 in commissions.  We do not have an issue paying you $2,000 in advance commissions because you will make plenty more money if you are meeting those insurance inspectors. 

This is my opinion on how Advance Pay works with Aspen

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.