Credentials and being the Best

Our owners have been playing this game since the early 90's.  They were selling when the US government created Xactimate to set all the pricing to be the same for all insurance companies that use their software to come up with how much roofing, siding, car bumpers, ect should cost if the insurance company was to pay for something.

Our owners knew that an informed customer will choose the best company 9 out of 10 times, and spend on average $12,000 for a roofing project to get done.  

Our owners went to work knowing that they needed to have the highest quality crews to do the work and offer the highest quality product at a price agreed upon by an insurance company.  They also offered the highest warranties which were for LIFE.  Only one other company now offers a warranty to compete with ours (however if you look up on BBB you will see they do not honor it as well, and clients have to use it more since their crews are not their crews).

To grow our owners knew we need traveling crews to offer high quality roofing installers anywhere we needed them to.  Over 18 years our company has now the largest traveling army of roofers in the country!!!  Supply companies are now calling ASPEN EXTERIORS, because they do not have enough local crews to put on their shingles due to some sort of new storm.  ASPEN is requested to come help serve their community, and then the Supply companies can sell shingles faster as well. 

Our owners were sales people and have built this company around the position that they had and the position you are applying for.  They built a construction company to fulfill orders that you would provide us.  Their company does not want you to do anything other that Scan insurance paperwork pricing, show samples to clients, fill out a 1 page order form, scan all of this with your smart phone and send it to them. 

Our owners do not want/need you to:

  • Measure roofs, we can have experts do this, you will make mistakes and cost us money

  • Come up with your own estimates, you will make mistakes and cost us money

  • Contact insurance company to get estimates increased, you will make mistakes and cost us money

  • Contact the crews, you will make mistakes and cost us money

  • Handle final billing, you will make mistakes and cost us money

  • Discuss upcoming projects with mortgage companies that want to make sure everything is going to happen, you will make mistakes and cost us money

  • Order supplies, you will make mistakes and cost us money

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.