Sales and Travel Bonuses

Sales Bonus: There is so much money in this industry that our owners can easily make sense of throwing in a sales bonus certain weeks out of the year.  Common one is signing up 3 new clients in the day for a "Hat Trick!" This is a $200 bonus added to your financial books for that day, if you do this 3 times that week, $600 will be added as money owed to you. 

To no longer be a rookie in my eyes you need to turn in 100 deals, and if you have done this for another company it is around 30 deals turned in the Aspen Way.  You need to work in a big market like Kansas City/Des Moines/Pittsburgh that we are working right now and you want to learn to work in towns of 30,000 people and towns with under 5,000 people.   

Once you know how to make money in each of those three types of markets and have learned what it takes to help 100 clients you will no longer be a Rookie.  You will be a money making machine.  You will learn to help 20 plus people a month making $24,000 a month on average.

To learn as quick as possible we need you to travel to the easiest places to sell  during your first year or two to get to 100 deals.  Sooner the better in our eyes to get you fully trained with the right type of experience.

$200 advance is to be used to pay cell phone bills and to stay on the road and not stress about money.  5 deals a week is $1,000 to pay for about $200-$300 a week in hotels and have leftover money for your needs.  Your true need is to get to 100 deals to Aspen Exteriors. Once you have gone through this 100 times, you will make money in this industry for the rest of your life.  Our sales trainers and our awesome sales teams will do our best to help you to your first 100 deals!  Also you make $120,000 on average not counting bonuses.  

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.