Welcome to the finish line of my Tour

If you made it this far, then we are on the same page, and I look forward to the opportunity of speaking with you in depth about the position you are applying for and help fill in any answers to questions you might have about how you will operate in our machine.  Right now you need to schedule a phone call with you and your HIRING MANAGER.  They will discuss and go over what they were trained to do and they will be looking for any red flags that they have not caught yet.  They will do their best to assist you in not thinking the job is more or less than it is. 

If things move forward you will be sent our hiring agreement and at that point you will be scheduled to talk to me, DAN CHERRY.  You and I will get a chance to discuss any questions on the hiring agreement and anything else you want straight answers to.

Aspen Exteriors mission is : To have the most perfect roofing system in the United States and to Maintain 5 star Reviews for their work.

So They are the product

Our Sales Director Trevor and Myself have a mission for our sales force - to first build the Largest Residential Roofing Company in the US!!! We need Sales Leaders and Sales Managers. 


We are looking to advance those that can master the pitch and appointment setting to Sales Managers. Their position is to help us teach this simple trade to like minded entrepreneurs. 

Sales Manager is the first promotion which is to lead a team that we hire/train and then we help you build a team that we believe you can lead.  You will get 3% override and travel per diem to pay for your travel and dinner costs with your team.   We do not expect anyone to ever make less than $90,000 a year at this position and expectations to never make less than $120,000 after your first 2 years is also an expectation. 

Industry goals for Sales Managers is 5 million in sales as a team. So $150,000 just off of team not counting per diem, personal sales, and bonuses.

We have a Sales Manager that is looking to do 10 Million in sales with his team on his 3rd year as a sales manager which would earn him $300,000 plus per diem and any personal sales he might have.

Sales Leaders that do not wish to lead a team, but wish to lead in personal sales will be given priority on leads, incentive trips, and given a budget to spend on further courses to take outside of Aspen to increase our capabilities by making you stronger.

Incentive Trip

We have a major incentive trip each year which has taken us South of the Border every year I have been here for you and a guest if you win the trip.  This is a great time to meet the top reps and managers all over the country and build lasting friendships and relationships to encourage the growth and solidarity of our company.  

Aspen will also host a March Kick Off meeting near our headquarters each year.  This is also used as a time for advanced training and a time to Celebrate our Accomplishments from the prior year and to show Appreciation. 

2020 Incentive Trip     2019 Incentive Trip     2018 Incentive Trip     2017 Incentive Trip

Last Step of the Tour

Copy  these questions that you will include in an email to myself. 

1. What are the reasons you feel clients would hire Aspen Exteriors?

2. Why would a job with Aspen Exteriors change your life?

3. Do you see yourself as a person that likes to Coach or a person that likes to Score goals and why?

Copy the 3 questions and then send them to CherryExteriorJobs@gmail.com

Immediately after the email is sent, set up a time to chat with your Hiring Manager. 

Send me your contact information to be contacted by one of our Trainers, to see if you would be a good fit at one of our many locations.